A Midsummer Night’s Dream/The Tempest — 2019

midsummer tempest poster

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

It’s the middle of summer, and everyone is on heat.

The Duke of Athens is marrying the Queen of the Amazons, though she doesn’t seem thrilled about it. Hermia loves Lysander, and he loves her back; but Hermia’s dad says that if she doesn’t marry this other guy, Demetrius, he will literally kill her. Literally. Meanwhile Hermia’s best friend Helena loves Demetrius, but he doesn’t love her, though they totally hooked up once. The King and Queen of the Fairies are having a massive fight over some Indian boy, and they are essentially causing climate change. Oh, and a bunch of aspiring actors are trying to put on a play.

After the success of their debut production of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, Fingerless Theatre is delighted to be doing a Shakespearean double-bill, with A Midsummer Night’s Dream on Mon 25th of Feb, and The Tempest on Fri 24th of May.

Directed by Alex Kendall Robson, the production will also feature original music composed by Antonio Fernandez.

Oberon/Theseus — Zoran Jevtic
Titania/Hippolyta — Samantha Lambert
Puck/Egeus — Zach Selmes
Hermia/Peta Quince — Sarah Furnari
Lysander/Snug — Shayan Askari
Helena/Snout — Jade Fuda
Demetrius/Flute — Tom Wilson
Bottom — Alex Kendall Robson

The Tempest

The sorcerer Prospero has had a long time to brood over past betrayals. Stuck on an enchanted island with his teenage daughter, a moody spirit, and a monstrous slave – a storm is brewing. And then who should come sailing by his island but none other than all his old enemies. The stage is now set, and this time Prospero is the one pulling the strings.

This production shall be carnivalesque in style, with some abridgement to the text.

Miranda/Ariel:                                Prospero’s daughter/his fairy servant.

Caliban/Gonzalo:                           A monster/A councillor of Alonso.

Ferdinand/Trinculo:                       Alonso’s son/A drunken fool.

Alonso/Stephano:                          King of Naples/A drunken butler.

Sebastian:                                         Alonso’s brother.

Antonio:                                            Prospero’s brother.

For any enquiries, send an email to fingerlesstheatre@gmail.com.